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ITRAN Society in the UK is concerned with supporting the Imazighen community and by organising cultural and social activities. ITRAN Society aims to connect with the Imazighen students in the UK and worldwide and to encourage them to participate in community events. Also, it aims to bring together community members, leaders, academics and intellects to take part in ITRAN society and contribute to its activities. The importance of this society lies in linking what it presents in terms of activities with the community interests and concerns. This is to ensure that the community members are aware of the projects and activities carried out and to communicate with the society on a regular basis. In ITRAN Society, we seek to work with the community to help in empowering individuals so to become proactive members of the society. We believe that it is essential to engage with the community youth in the UK. For this reason, we need to liaise with local governments and councils to develop useful projects to support young people. This is to give them the opportunity to choose challenges they would like to embark on, carryout voluntary work, and fundraise for their future projects.

At ITRAN society, we have a desire to communicate with our community and to open dialog amongst its members. It is important to give community members an opportunity to gain experience in many local issues related to Tamazight while contributing to the society here in the UK, compete with others and developing new skills along the way such as volunteer management and event management skills. We believe that it is the right time to empower our community members to become dynamic and to alleviate negativism through the power of education. This should allow proactive members to really get ahead of the game! The purpose of ITAN Society is to

• develop a network of community members and activists in the UK who are interested in Tamazight culture and studies including social and historical studies, etc.

• highlight the role of civil society and provide a discussion forum for the community to share information about the current cultural, social and economic issues and concerns

• promote consciousness of the community rights and obligations in the UK

• present the aspects around how the Imazghen community can benefit from the media as a tool of promotion, developing entities and outreach in local and global scale

• influence society and public opinion, including campaigning, building partnerships and developing social and academic projects

Being part of ITRAN Society is an opportunity and will give you an edge through the experience and communication skills acquired. Furthermore, as there is a large element of engagement with the community and local authorities in this role it provides those that are aiming for management skills an insight into the qualities needed. That’s not even the best part, being part of our society you can take part in competitive challenges such as carrying out a study about a current social or cultural matter or data gathering task or an academic exercise.

We deliver this message to those who see it can contribute to the activity of this society.

So, take part in this adventure while gaining experience ... what more could you want?




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